Welcome to my solo exhibition Hard Copy tonight at MELK, Oslo, from 1900h to 2100h.
Hope to see you there!


Image Drain, a group exhibition curated by Anthea Buys for this year’s Tallinn Photomonth in Tallinn, Estonia, opens tonight at Tallinn Art Hall. I’ll be showing these three paintings alongside works by Andrew Amorim (NO), Victoria Durnak (NO), Mathijs van Geest (NO/NL), Carl Johan Högberg (NL), Henri Hütt (EE), Toril Johannessen (NO), Paul Kuimet (EE), Laura Kuusk (EE), Antonis Pittas (GR/NL), Mårten Spångberg (SE), James Webb (ZA) and Kristina Õllek (EE).


On the occasion of this year’s Oslo Open, an interview with Yours Truly was published online today in the Norwegian online magazine Subjekt. Read the interview here.


Welcome to the opening of my solo exhibition The Miracle of Rigid Fluids tonight at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo. The exhibition is acommpanied by a publication with four short prose texts, issued by independent publisher Lord Jim Publishing.


Some news about upcoming activity: in addition to my next solo presentation which opens at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo in February, I’m also producing a solo exhibition for the artist-run gallery MELK next fall. Also, I have yet another solo show planned for the Norwegian Painter’s Guild at Gallery LNM in 2018. Stay tuned for more details.


A review of MAKE DEFAULT was published today on Kunstkritikk. Read Synnøve Viks review here. I’ve also uploaded some images from the exhibition which can be found here.


MAKE DEFAULT a group exhibition I’ve put together with Anthea Buys for Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen opens this Friday, April 8th at 1900h. Featuring new works by Marco Bruzzone, Jan Freuchen, Magnhild Øen Nordahl, Linn Pedersen, Phillip Raiford Johnson and Yours Truly. Plus a performance by Sigmund Skard at 2000h on the night of the opening.


My next solo exhibition, entitled The Miracle of Rigid Fluids, is set for Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo next winter. Stay tuned for more details.


Happy new year! I’ve written a short text about this project for the upcoming edition of Norsk Kunstårbok, which will be published later in 2016.


I just updated the website with some paintings I’ve been working on since moving back to Oslo last summer. Check them out herehere and here.


Popular Disorder, the catalogue I published in 2013 is now available for online purchase at Lord Jim Publishing’s website. Order here.


A review of the show I was recently in at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo published in the latest issue of Billedkunst. Read the review here.


Happy new Year! I will show two works in the group exhibition FÖRBANNAD VARE DU at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo. The exhibition is curated by Hege Nyborg and also presents works by Sven X:et Erixson, Elisabeth Haarr, Morten Krohg , Kjartan Slettemark and Gelawesh Waledkhani. Welcome to the opening tonight at 1800h!


The flag I made for Randi Grov Bergers Flag NYC-project during Performa 13 last year is shown this week at Kunsthall Stavanger. Read more about the project here.


Welcome to the opening of my solo exhibition Some General Thoughts on Wreckage tonight at Tegnerforbundet in Oslo. More info here.


Popular Disorder, the catalogue I published last year is now available for virtual browsing on the ISSU-page of Lord Jim Publishing. Check it out here.


I just updated the site with some pictures from the Soft Measures-exhibition at WIELS.
Have a look here.


The group exhibition Soft Measures opens tonight at 1800h at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels! You can download the press release as well as the list of all the contributors here and the floor plan with decriptions of the exhibited works here. You can also read a little bit about the show either here. See you tonight at 1800h!


Soft Measures – a group exhibition I’m currently curating together with Anthea Buys for the project space at WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels, Belgium and which concludes the residency I had at WIELS last year  – opens on April 16th.  The exhibition presents recent works by Marco Bruzzone (IT), Jan Freuchen & Linn Pedersen (NO), André Tehrani & Sus Soddu (NO/SE), Magnhild Øen Nordahl (NO), Ryan Brewer (US) and Phillip Raiford Johnson (SA).
Read more about the exhibition here.


I’ve written a short text about this photo for the Norwegian art periodical Objektiv. Check out my contribution here and welcome to the launch for the December issue today at 1600h at VI, VII in Oslo.


The catalogue for Flag NYC the public project curated by Randi Grov Berger for Performa 13 that I recently made a work for – is now avalable online. Check it out here.


I did an interview last week with the Norwegian magazine Kunstforum about my current exhibition at Entrée, Bergen. Read the interview here.


Welcome to the opening of my solo exhibition Lost Allusions at Entrée (Bergen) on Friday November 15th at 2000h. Read more about the exhibition here.


The review Kunstkritikk recently published on my solo exhibition at NoPlace is now available in English on their international website. Read the translation of Arve Rød’s piece here.


I will show a piece in the group exhibition Sound Versus System at Kunsthall Oslo.
Welcome to the opening on Friday October 18th at 1900h!


A nice review of my debut solo show at NoPlace, Oslo published today on kunstkritikk.no. Read it here.


Welcome to the opening of Idiot Cards For a Bygone Revolt – my debut solo exhibition –  tonight at NoPlace, Oslo from 2000h to 2300h. The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue (published by Lord Jim Publishing) with essays by Anthea Buys and Natasha Marie Llorens, which will be available for purchase at the gallery. Download the pressrelease here.


I will contribute a work for Flag NYC, a public project curated by Randi Grov Berger for the performance biennale Performa 13 in New York. Flag NYC is an outdoor flag project involving 59 international artists, each making a statement with their own specially designed flags, which will be flown in various locations around the city of New York during the biennale.


The group exhibition MONIKA STRICKER is opening tonight. Welcome @ 1800h at CAB Art Centre.


I’ll be showing some new works in the exhibition MONIKA STRICKER, a group show masquerading as a solo exhibition at CAB Art Centre in Brussels. The exhibition explores the ghostwriter’s mode of production and will not include contributions by Monika Stricker, Robin Vanbesien, Jutta Zimmermann, Georgia Küng, Emmanuelle Quertain, Bavo Olbrecht, Cambyse Naddaf, Axelle Stiefel, Egle Budvytyte, Yuki Okumura or Willem Oorebeek in any way, shape or form.


A nice review of This House – the show which opened a few weeks ago at Palais de Tokyo with Alexandra Makhlouf, Gordon Matta-Clark, Serge-Alain Nitegeka, Magnhild Øen Nordahl, Mikhael Suboztky and myself – published online today in C& Magazine. Read Sean O’Toole’s piece here.


I’m showing a piece in This House, a group show part of the Nouvelles Vagues-exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. The presentation is curated by Anthea Buys and Mikhael Suboztky and also features a film work by the latter, as well as contributions from Alexandra Makhlouf, Gordon Matta-Clark, Serge-Alain Nitegeka and Magnhild Øen Nordahl. Please click  here to read more about the show and my contribution. Welcome to the opening at Palais de Tokyo on June 20th at 2000h!


I just recieved some funding from the Norwegian free speech organization Fritt Ord to produce a modest catalogue for my upcoming exhibitions at NoPlace, Entrée and Tegnerforbundet in 2013/14. The catalogue will feature texts by Natasha Marie Llorens and Anthea Buys and will be designed by Peder Bernhardt.


I will show a  work in an upcoming group exhibition entitled The Limits of My Language Means the Limits of My World curated by Bjørn Erik Haugen at Platform Stockholm. The exhibition opens on Saturday May 11th and will also feature works by Ignas Krunglevicius, Rune Andreassen,Lello/Arnell, Øystein Wyller Odden, Tonje Høydahl Sørli, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Jon Eriksen, Munan Øverlid, Erik Bunger Serina Erfjord, Anders Smebye, Bjørn Erik Haugen, Per Oskar Leu and Are Blytt.


I’ve relocated to Brussels for a residency at WIELS Contemporary Arts Centre which will last until the end of the year.


My five-part collage The Letter V in Various Media 1963-1998 will be shown for the first time in This House, an exhibition curated by Anthea Buys at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France. The exhibition opens in June 2013 and will also feature works by Mikhael Subotzky, Serge-Alain Nitegeka and Gordon Matta-Clark. Stay posted for further info.


I’ve been selected by Office for Contemporary Art Norway as recipient for their nine-month residency at WIELS Contemporary Arts Centre in Brussels, Belgium in 2013. I will be living in Brussels and working in the studio I’ve been granted at WIELS from April 1st to December 31st next year.


I will have yet another solo exhibition at Tegnerforbundet (the Norwegian Drawing Centre) in May 2014. The exhibition title is The Lowest Form of Conversation. Stay posted for further details.


I just updated the site with images of the works I showed earlier this month at the Game of Life-exhibition in Kristiansand. Check them out here.


Another review of the  Game of Life-exhibition in Kristiansand Kunsthall published today on the website of Norwegian art magazine Billedkunst. Read it here.


A nice review of the Game of Life-exhibition in Kristiansand Kunsthall published today on kunstkritikk.no. Read it here.


Game of Life, the opening exhibition of Kristiansand Kunsthall curated by Jan Freuchen is opening tonight at 1800h in Kristiansand, Norway.

I’m showing two new pieces (more info and images will follow) along with works by D.O.R, Kjell Mardon Gunvaldsen, Olaf Isaachsen, Else Marie Jakobsen, Ann Cathrin November Høibo & Tori Wrånes, Kristine Jakobsen, Toril Johannessen, Katla, Dagfin Kjølsrud, Dirkjan van der Linde, The Moen, Kristoffer Myskja, Erik Pirolt, Anngjerd Rustand and Øystein Aasan.

Accompanying the exhibition is an illustrated catalogue with contributions from Peter Amdam, Martin Braathen, Pål Gitmark Eriksen, Jan Freuchen, Nicola Louise Markhus, Ole Robert Sunde and Sigurd Tenningen. Purchase your copy here.


The piece I wrote for Vinduet on Ed Ruscha and David Foster Wallace last year is now available online. Check it out here.


Happy new year! I will exhibit some new works at the opening show of Kristiansand Kunsthall (previously known as Christianssands Kunstforening) in Kristiansand, Norway in early september 2012.

The exhibition is curated by Norwegian artist Jan Freuchen. Stay posted for more details.


I will be DJ:ing at the New Year’s Eve-event at Platform Stockholm, curated by Swedish artist Anna Lundh. Do come by if you’re in Stockholm on December 31st. Sign up here.


Breaking news at this hour! I will also have a solo exhibition at Galleri Entrée in Bergen after the soloshow at NoPlace (mentioned below) is over in autumn 2013. Working title: Here Are Your Fucking Balloons. Keep visiting this site or www.entree-visningsrom.blogspot.com for further info when the opening is drawing near.


I will have my debut solo exhibition (working title: Idiot Cards for a Bygone Revolt) at NoPlace, Oslo in September 2013. Keep visiting this site or www.noplace.no for further info when the opening is drawing near.


Word Perfect, group exhibition at NoPlace, Oslo. Welcome to the opening on May 6th, 2011 at 1900h.

Visit www.noplace.no for more info.

Featured artists are: Sebastian Helling, Hans Christian Skovholt, Matias Faldbakken, Henrik Pask & Josefine Lyche, Jeroen Erosie, Per-Oscar Leu, Frode Markhus, Lars Brekke, Louis Scherfig, Lee Welch, Linn Anita Pedersen, Vibeke Tandberg, André Tehrani, Eirin Støen, Christian Tony Norum, Ingvild Langgård, Kaja Andersen, Jan Freuchen, Narve Hovdenakk, Arve Leo, Marianne Hurum, Michael Hare, Kristine Jakobsen, Tommy Høvik and Anders Valde


Unfinished Analogies, group exhibition at Konsthall C, Stockholm. Welcome to the opening on April 23rd, 2011 at 1400h. Visit www.konsthallc.se for more info.

Featured artists and contributors are: A.S.A.P (Maryam Fanni + Behzad Khosravi Noori + Jens Strandberg), Eva Beierheimer, Andrew Berardini, Nicola Bergström Hansen, Magnus Bärtås, Anna Ekholm, Roxy Farhat, Adam Grinovich, Hale Gungor, Cecilia Haupt, Janna Holmstedt, Björn Karlsson, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Jonas Kleerup, Gulbeden Kulbay, Janice Lee, Ann Lindberg, Joe Milazzo, Yonas Millares, Vijai Patchineelam, Thomas Raschke, Anja Rühle, Anngjerd Rustand, Kim Schoen, Kristina Sigunsdotter, Jacek Smolicki, Ola Ståhl, André Tehrani, Erla Silfá Thorgrímsdóttir and Ellen Utterström.


Check out my article on the corresponding practices of Ed Ruscha and the late, great David Foster Wallace in the new edition of Vinduet. Available at all good newsagents now!

Visit this page for more info.


Transit Vestfold, group exhibition at Haugar Vestfold Art Museum in Tønsberg, Norway.

Welcome to the opening on March 19th, 2011 at 1400h. Visit www.haugar.com for more info.

Featured artists are: Rune Andreassen, Christian Bould, Peder K. Bugge, Behzad Farazollahi, Bjørn Erik Haugen,Espen Henningsen, Hanne Rivrud Nansen, Anna Særnblom, André Tehrani, Anne Trægde and Lars Trægde.